Table of Contents

Quickly about me

I'm introverted (INFJ) person who likes to tinker different software on Linux.
My main interests are in privacy and security.


I have been working in IT business almost 20 years in different roles.
Recently I have been working as an IT infra architect, designing and implementing different platforms.


I try to take photographs as often as possible, but usually they don't turn up to be publishable, but I'm trying to learn more about that subject, so you can also see those.

Martial Arts

I used to practice eskrima, which is Philippino martial art mainly focusing on sticks, knifes and machetes. 

Linux servers

My main hobby is administering my Linux servers, that run different kinds of software. 
I'm hosting the following:

  • Friendica, microblogging server. Profile here
  • Misty, nomadic identity enabled social-media server. Profile here
  • Searx, privacy enabled metasearch engine. Link here
  • Keyoxide, distributed identity proof software. My proofs are here
  • Modoboa email server
  • WordPress
  • NextCloud file sharing server
  • Matrix-synapse chat server